C43 Art

The Art Program: Community 43 is providing our community the opportunity to develop socially as well as professionally as they learn about art from the Paleolithic Age to Postmodern Age of Art. Members will acquire valuable skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, weaving & textiles. Meanwhile Artists will learn how to develop their own portfolios. Artists will also have the opportunity to learn the arts that will lead them towards independence such as being a community artist. Artists will have an opportunity to create and sell their artistic expressions to the community as well as to have art shows and participate in competitions whether locally or globally. Our artists will learn more about self-promotion, creative expression, learning more about how using art can affect their mental health and wellness, being able to communicate their own experiences through art in a way that helps them to improve their overall well-being. Self expression is also learned through such activities as song, musical instruments.

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