Become a Member

How to Apply for Membership

  1. To be eligible for membership an applicant must:
  • Be interested in attending Fountain House, as membership is voluntary
  • Have a primary presenting problem associated with severe and persistent mental illness
  • Be able to get to Fountain House or Fountain House Bronx
  • Not pose a threat to our community
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  1. Schedule a tour of Fountain House or Fountain House Bronx
  • We invite you to come in for a tour of Fountain House or Fountain House Bronx to get a feel for our work and see if the program resonates with you.  To schedule a tour, please reach out to your desired location:

Fountain House
(212) 582-0340 ext. 308

Fountain House Bronx
(718) 742-9884 ext. 18


  1. Submit an application

To be considered for membership, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Fountain House Membership Application and supplementary substance abuse questionnaire (included at the end of application)
  • A detailed psychosocial summary, current or updated within last 90 days
  • A detailed psychiatric assessment, current or updated within last 90 days, signed off by an MD and/or Nurse Practitioner
  • Copies of all Health Insurance cards

Please note: The supplementary substance abuse questionnaire, which is required by one of our funding sources and is not considered in determining eligibility, should also be completed and submitted at the time of application, and can be found on the final page of the application form.