Who We Are

Community 43 is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization established to meet the mental health and wellness needs of diverse communities in the Greater Phoenix area through opportunities for self-empowerment, renewal, self-determination, and self-advocacy, by providing culturally rich and relevant activities including artistic expression, farm-to-table horticulture, life education, social outreach, relapse prevention, technological re-empowerment, and positive community interactions.

Community 43 provides services to adult individuals living with Serious Mental Illness (SMI) and accepts referral from all AHCCCS providers.

Community 43 is built around the Clubhouse Model established by Fountain House of New York in 1948. This model fosters therapeutic relationships that form a cohesive community based on mutual respect, a work focused day, and the ‘need to be needed.’ It is the combination of all three in concert that yields the best results in empowering members to take charge of their own recovery, and thus, in the continuation of their lives as individuals living with mental illness, fulfilling their potential in society.

Membership, as well as participation in activities, is completely voluntary. Activities are often geared towards the betterment of the community as a whole. Members take part in the responsibilities of the Community 43’s work day, working alongside staff to accomplish the work of the day. This division of duties helps to create a sense of ownership in the community as well as the ‘need to be needed.’ Staff members cannot complete their duties without member assistance, and the workings of the community itself is dependent on this relationship. 

To complete this task, the Clubhouse utilizes the ‘work focused day,’ a daily list of tasks tailored to members’ strengths, which allow members to simulate a workday schedule. A work focused day could include taking classes to learn new skills, or helping with routine daily tasks. The work itself is integral to the workings of the community, but also to the building of empowerment on the part of the members to achieve employment within the community.

Last but not least, mutual respect and the work focused day inevitably lead to the ‘need to be needed.’ Members are encouraged to take part in the activities of the community, not only for their own benefit, but because Community 43 cannot function without their help! The need to be needed is integral to the Clubhouse experience and feeling connected and needed by others. The Clubhouse Model works by presenting members with a clear call to action, “We need you. You are worthy, you are valued. We can’t do it without you.” It’s this call to action which is central to Community 43. 

You are needed, you are valued, we can’t do it without YOU!