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Core Community 43 values:

    • •  Inclusivity – people with mental illness are treated with dignity and related to with respect at every stage of their participation in the community system of care
    • •  Strength-based – everyone – no matter what their diagnosis – has something to contribute
    • •  The Community 43 System of Care is a comprehensive approach that combines medical, psychiatric and social interventions.

Community 43 is a fully licensed behavioral health outpatient clinic located in the heart of central Phoenix near 16th street and Indian School Rd. We serve those in the community living with mental illness, primarily (but not limited to) major depression, bipolar, and schizophrenia. Community 43 offers a wide range of daily activities and services to help build community, strengthen social connectedness, learn life skills, and develop meaningful relationships.

A working community is at the heart of our model. By working together, members regain confidence, make friends, learn new skills, and make progress towards achieving their employment and educational goals.  This opportunity to be a part of a successful working community is restorative and builds dignity and self-esteem.  

Members work in one of seven areas within Community 43 including art, culinary, horticulture, technology, business and office, and wellness. Each area serves a unique purpose and is essential to running the house. 

Community 43 is based on the Fountain House Model which has been replicated in more than 300 locations in 30 countries and 32 states and currently serves more than 100,000 people with mental illness worldwide.

Thanks to the Stead family’s vision we are able to bring this model to Arizona and share it with the community.

Artwork created by David Karr for Community 43. It depicts amazing transformation and growth.

Help Slow the Spread of Covid-19!

Community 43 is committed to helping stop the spread of Covid-19. As such we are taking all precautions possible to ensure that Community 43 remains a safe and healthy environment by complying with federal and state guidelines.

We require both our members and staff to act responsibly by wearing masks, practicing social distancing, hand washing, as well as enhanced sanitation techniques to ensure a healthy and safe environment for our community. 

Community 43 feels that home is still the best place for those at high risk in the population, and encourages those in the community with preexisting conditions to remain home and should contact us for information regarding telehealth services.

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